Glass Extensions

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Glass Extensions

A sophisticated design of thermal breaks and insulation allow this system to reach its high level of thermal efficiency.

Attractive design and superior engineering ensure maximum longevity.

A wide choice of options and combinations allow for individual design solutions.

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A glass extension from Lanai Outdoor Living with its sliding door system is a new generation in garden rooms.  This system incorporates a sophisticated design of thermally broken and insulated aluminium sliding door profiles, which provides a market leading thermal performance.

Our thermally broken and insulated aluminium doors have been engineered to enable large glass panels to be moved effortlessly across the widest of elevations, maximising your views.

Innovative yet Functional

Modern glass extensions complement the exterior of a home as well as function as an innovative statement in your neighbourhood. It is the most popular choice for any homeowner who appreciates a modern style, combined with all the benefits that a top-of-the-range glazier can provide you with.

The benefits of a frameless glass extension are not limited to only its practical functions. While some homeowners still prefer the traditional, victorian style of our models, others find the current and elegant look of frameless glass to be unbeatable.

A frameless glass extension works on any type of property. Its appearance is more discreet than a traditional glass extension, as the lack of frames makes it blend in with your garden. Instead of having the view of your garden broken by frames of different materials, we can now give you an undisrupted view through pure glass.

The secret behind the look is found with our expert glaziers; highly experienced in thinking out of the box and removing barriers so that your frameless glass can shine on its own.

Glass Extensions are Suitable Come Sun or Snow

With proper insulation and glazing, a glass box of unbearable heat in the summer and shivering cold in the winter is a thing of the past. Our glaziers are able to install quality contemporary glass extensions for you to enjoy the space as an additional room. The high standard of insulation equals less energy spent on heating, as well as more protection from the sun. The result is an energy-efficient room, worth enjoying every day of the year.

There is no limit to how you can integrate the frameless glass with your interior; style up your shower doors, modernize your traditional fences, expand the view from your balcony. Our insulation options will enable you to have a frameless glass of any strength. By making it frameless, you can have the extension of your home look like it is rising straight out of the ground to form a room made entirely out of glass.